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Online consultation & Appointment



MCS, ME CLINIC SEOUL ® General Director Chris Lim will reply back to consultation as soon as possible. Consultation reply can be delayed on weekends and holidays.

Communicated data will be deleted after 30 days without notification and patient can request for the data deletion or back up anytime.

MCS, ME CLINIC SEOUL ® has all the responsibility of consultation data of patients on Smart phone, Computer and any other data storage.

Plastic surgery need a reservation in advance with deposit 10% of total cost.

Deposit will not be refunded due to unproved or non-paper personal issues.

Also plastic surgery need a pre-op radiology exam and blood test for safety of patients.

The cost of a direct consultation with a doctor at clinic is free of charge


Please be advised that in case of blindly demanding a refund or claiming a consideration due to malignant comment, groundless contents, unconfirmed post-operational side effect, such case is strictly handled according to an international law based on the internal medical record, a monitoring camera, video-recorded file.

I demand a refund if you wish to stop malignant comment. – The procedural result may not be satisfactory and we fully understand this point. In this case, we are doing our best in order to answer for an expectation of the patients through an additional procedure and re-touch service.

I could not find a definite procedural outcome. – In case of laser procedure among several procedures, we can expect satisfactory outcome through repeated several procedures. It has a disadvantage of no one-shot laser outcome like plastic surgery but its advantage is noninvasive, painless procedure. It is a general tendency of increasingly abusing this advantage and in case of blindly demanding a refund in spite of providing sufficient explanation and asking for a written consent form preparation, such case is strictly handed according to international law.

Price is fleetingly too expensive! – We record fixed price on our homepage and disclose it to every customer. All the prices include VAT based on actual paid price and such price is maintained throughout your visit based on a fixed price system.

All the procedural prices are allocated by fully considering foreign patient-customized additional expenses through additionally employed English-speaking medical staff for foreigners who are versed, experienced in a procedural method of each skin features of the foreign patient, foreign patient customized marketing, online consultation in order to ensure comfortable service for the foreign patients.

A side effect is created but I could not visit the clinic again as I am now staying abroad.

– The side effect is sometimes taken place even though such probability is minimal. We are doing our best in order to seriously handle such side effect with top priority. In order to prove such effect, its evidence based on a test result by a certified medical institution should be supported and your visit expenses for confirming such side effect is totally borne by this ME CLINIC SEOUL.


1) Breast implantation
Mammography, EKG test.
Radiology examination can not be performed in our clinic, we will give a direction paper to visit radiology clinic for pre-op exams.

2) Surgical liposuction
Blood test,
You can send us a result paper from your own local clinic or you can have a blood test in our clinic 3 days prior to surgery date.

3) Surgery check list
Are you having any kind of disease?
Are you taking any kind of drugs?
Do you have any kind of Allergy?
Did you have any kind of surgery before? ​


Prices we listed in our webpage have a difference from Korean Local price list due different marketing methods, Doctors with experiences on foreigners, additional English speaking staffs and advertising methods. Patient can contact Korean local consultation line (No English) to request Korean local prices.
02-3443-5580 Patient should know that there will be no English speaking staff or doctor if you make a reservation through Korean local consultation line also cosmetic procedures will be done with Korean skin standards.

Please fill all red * forms for exact consultation. We mostly reply back within 8 hours.

Attachment notice
1) Nose surgery consultation requires 3 photos including frontal, side and nostril views of the face.
2) Eyelids surgery consultation requires 1 photo including a frontal view of the face.
3) Breast lifting surgery consultation requires 2 photos including frontal and side views of the body.
4) Liposuction surgery consultation requires photos including all the body parts of your concern.

Contact Consultant

Number : +82-10-3118-7591
E-mail : chris@meclinic.net

Consultation Hour

Mon & Fri   |   11:00 - 21:00
Tues & Wed & Thu   |   11:00 - 20:00
Sat   |   11:00 - 17:00
Sun & Holiday   |   Closed

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Please press the button for the deposit

For a patient who wants to fix a date of a "Plastic surgery", Must pay for deposit of 10% of total surgery cost through our reservation system.
Deposit payment is not required for initial consultation or other skin care procedure.


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