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fat reduction shots

Fat reduction shots (Cut line injection)

Fat dissolving injection, Contour injection

Operation time 1Hours
Follow up None
Recovery time 1Month
Hospitalization None

Fat reduction shots (Cut line injection) - ME CLINIC SEOUL


- Mesotherapy, which is the injection of substances locally into mesodermally derived subcutaneous tissue, developed from empirical observations of a French physician in the 1950s. Although popular in Europe for many medical purposes, it is used for local cosmetic fat reduction in the United States.

- Aminophylline is a mixture of theophylline and ethylenediamine. It is a common asthma medication and has a mode of action and efficacy similar to that of caffeine. In mesotherapy, it is used to promote the breakdown of fat and induce vasodilation. Aminophylline effectively inhibits phosphodiesterase, thereby increasing cAMP concentration, which allows for more efficient breakdown of fat in the cell.

- Aminophylline has a narrow therapeutic index. Adverse reactions can be encountered at dosages of around 250mg in most individuals. Side effects include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Cardiac arrhythmias and seizures are possible at serum levels exceeding 20mg/ml. As with yohimbine, I believe exclusion of aminophylline from the injection solution will not largely affect the outcome of the mesotherapy treatment, but allows for a much safer approach to treatment.

- Mesotherapy involves microinjections (2-12mm depth) of solution (0.1-0.3mL) into the subcutaneous tissue of the area(s) to be treated. Typically, treatments are performed weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on the area to be treated.


  • Q) How the payment plan works?
  • A) 5 sessions package - 2 division payments on 1 st and 3rd session 10 sessions package - 3 division payments on 1st, 3rd and 5th session
  • Q) How many sessions do I need to have?
  • A) It depends on patient body status but mostly effect will show after 5~8 sessions
  • Q) How effective are injections?
  • A) This injection is mainly targeted to dermal fat layer so has less effective result on losing weight but has desirable result on reducing fats on superficial layers but still result is not dramatic as surgical liposuction.

Surgery time and Anesthesia

- 1 hours including consultation time with Dermatologist​

- No anesthesia or anesthetic cream

Who is suitable for Fat reduction shots (Cut line injection)?



Non-surgical injection procedure performed by
the Experienced doctors after the consultation


Non-surgical injection procedure performed by
the Experienced doctors after the consultation

Redefine the line

Non-surgical injection procedure performed by
the Experienced doctors after the consultation

cost background image

Surgery Cost

Region 1Session 5Session 10Session
Abdomen 133,000 KRW 532,000 KRW 1,065,000 KRW
Thighs (Both) 133,000 KRW 532,000 KRW 1,065,000 KRW
Waist 85,000 KRW 339,000 KRW 1,678,000 KRW
Brassier line 85,000 KRW 339,000 KRW 678,000 KRW
Upper arms (Both) 120,000 KRW 479,000 KRW 958,000 KRW
Lower legs (Both) 120,000 KRW 479,000 KRW 958,000 KRW
Double chin or Cheeks 182,000 KRW 787,000 KRW 1,400,000 KRW
Inner cheeks or Zygoma 121,000 KRW 484,000 KRW 930,000 KRW
※ TAX (VAT) is included in mentioned prices.


No recovery time but redness can last a month, Surgery follow up after a week of procedure or none
The Day Right after procedure After 7 days
Procedure Going back to routine Follow up or Not required

Surgery Notice


Please answer below questions about your health status

Are you having any kind of disease?
Are you taking any kind of drugs?
Do you have any kind of Allergy?
Did you have any kind of surgery before?

Please check below before-surgery check up list

Please remove manicure from your forefingers.
Please do not drink alcohol before operation day.
We recommend patients to take a taxi after discharged from clinic due to anesthesia.
Operations will be canceled if you have any kind of flu.
Bruise and swelling will be longer if you have menses.
Please do not take like Aspirin, vita E, Chinese medicine before 2 weeks of operation. It will disturb homeostasis.
Before 5 hours of operation, Please do not take any food, even water, gum or candy.
You need to be here 30 mins earlier before your reservation.

Before & After surgery

before & After surgery


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