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Make your beautiful body shape as you wnat
Get rid of the unnecessary fat

One Day Package

One day package

Dramatic result within one single day!
Be 10 years younger within 1 hour!



Hump nose correction
Resize the nose bridge
Pointed nose tip

global clinic global clinic global clinic global clinic global clinic



ME CLINIC SEOUL has been proven on services,
post-procedure and post-op effects
from overseas patients.

10 years experience as  a global clinic 10 years experience as  a global clinic 10 years experience as  a global clinic 10 years experience as  a global clinic 10 years experience as  a global clinic


Experience as
a global clinic

  • The latest techniques of HD Endoscopy is used to perform

    breast implant procedure to minimize the scar and safety.

  • Ultherapy is a safe, non-surgical ultrasound treatment that counteracts the effects of time and gravity on your skin.

  • Dermal filler is an injectable procedure to fill the area by Hyaluronic acid and the result can make you look younger.

  • Non-invasive threads lifting procedure
    to lift up the sagging area

  • Remove your unwanted hair with the Latest machine
    which is called Apogee+ Made by Cynosure USA.

  • Skincare is the most favorable procedure and simple
    and short hours to help your skin to improve.



- The Korean government officially approved certified foreigner specialized plastic surgery clinic.

- Fixed open-transparent price list of procedures through the website.

- English speaking Doctor and staffs. ​

- Experienced dermatologist and plastic surgeon specialized in foreigners.

- TAX FREE for traveling foreigners.

- 24 hours quick English Emergency help line.

- The largest size laser hair removal center. ​​

02 10 years experience as a global clinic


As a global clinic, we are fully equipped with optimized procedural know-how and protocol reflecting an aesthetic preference, skin, medical condition by each individual patient of different nationality and ethnicity based on our time-honored experience of more than 10 years

03 ME CLINIC organized by medical staff with ample experience


MECLINIC medical staff are devoting themselves to endless research for acquiring new medical knowledge and technology and widening operational knowhow and doing their respective best in order to create beautiful and harmonious image considering individual features and reviving original beauty of the customers to maximum, not just provide a simple procedure.​
In addition, we are operating patient centered clinic so that all the customers could visit our clinic with comfortable state of mind.

04 Operation of exclusive center for safe procedure


ME CLINIC is operating a patient exclusive center in order to provide patients with extensive care by each procedure.

Center managers and doctors are responsible for immediate and fast communication and recovery of the customers from the start of the procedure to its end based on a principle of 1:1 customized care.

05 Procedure know-how over 100,000 cases


It is hard to find a person who never experienced in cosmetic procedures. However, it does not mean that frequent, popular procedure does not require delicate skill but actually, as it requires know-how and sophisticated skill, operational experience and know-how of medical staff are very important.​
ME CLINIC is doing its best in order to maximize customer satisfaction based on ME Clinic exclusive procedural know-how by organizing medical staff having experience of procedure over hundreds of thousands of cases.

06 1:1 Customized diagnosis by each individual customer


1:1 customized diagnosis by figuring out diversified factors including facial type, appearance and skin condition enables more effective and harmonious procedure.
​In addition, for satisfactory procedure, a procedure of being able to maximize original beauty of the customer and supplement insufficient part, not an imprudent plastic surgery is progressed through careful consultation with the doctor in charge.

07 Cutting edge genuine equipments over 60 types


ME CLINIC SEOUL possesses cutting edge genuine equipment over 60 types that were formally authorized to use by authorities concerned.
Optimal procedure and operation fit for the requirement of the customers is enabled considering their age and condition and highly satisfactory outcome is provided.
​Moreover, ME CLINIC SEOUL pursues customer oriented healthy procedure reviving individual beauty and personality, not recommending just a random procedure, plastic surgery.

08 About Incheon airport TAX refund


ME cosmetic clinic is government approved foreigner specialized cosmetic surgery clinic (Registration number M-2016-01-08-4499) and patient officially request for TAX refund at Incheon airport. Patients need a passport and flight information at clinic for registering TAX refunds papers for Incheon airport TAX refund booth. 
Also TAX refund is possible in ME clinic Cheongdam branch only.
(749 Seolleung-ro, Gangnam, Seoul) ​Contact chris@meclinic.net or +82-10-6501-7508​ for more details. 



Consultation hour

Monday & Friday
AM 11:00 ~ PM 21:00
Tuesday & Thursday
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Sunday & Holiday


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