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Consultation for fat reduction shots

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I am interested in making my face look slimmer. I am not entirely sure which method would be best yet but I have been leaning towards the fat reduction shots.




Hello, Dear Sir or Madam

Thank you so much for contacting ME CLINIC SEOUL

There are 3 kinds of Face Lifting procedures in our clinic. First one is Laser Skin Face Lifting called Ulthera or Ultherapy which lifts up your inner skin layer by laser, no recovery time needed. The second one is an invasive procedure by medical threads to lift up your inner skin directly, seems effective and reasonable in price but still has side effect issues like infection, etc. Last one is the Trusculpt and we have explained about this procedure below.

1) HIFU method :

Ultherapy Laser (HIFU) skin lifting procedure needs 1 hour of total procedure time including consultation with our Doctor.

① 400 shots 1,400,000 KRW for full facial lifting with neck.
② 200 shots 800,000 KRW  for the lower half of face.

2) Threads method :

- Ultra V threads skin lifting takes an hour for surgery time and needs a week of recovery time. Cost for Ultra V threads skin lifting will be 100 threads 450,000 KRW

- Twister threads skin lifting (Stronger medical threads than Ultra V) cost is 40 threads 580,000 KRW

- Silhouette soft threads lifting (The strongest non-invasive threads lifting) cost is 2,400,000 KRW for 4 threads

- Blue rose threads lifting (Surgical threads lifting) cost is 800,000 KRW for 8 threads, 1,400,000 KRW for 12 threads.

3) Trusculpt :

① Double chin : 1 session 450,000KRW / 3 sessions 1,050,000KRW
② V-line (Double chin & cheeks) : 1 session 700,000KRW / 3 sessions 1,700,000KRW
③ Whole face : 1 session 950,000KRW / 3 sessions 2,400,000KRW

● What is Trusculpt?
- It takes a multi-dimensional approach to decrease circumference and eliminate fat cells, by delivering and holding clinically therapeutic temperatures to the subcutaneous adipose tissue to achieve the clinical efficacy in the shortest possible treatment time with enhanced safety and comfort

● Procedure notice

1) No additional TAX or Fees
2) Consultation is totally free of charge
3) Prescription Medicine is not included and patients need to buy medicine at Korean local pharmacy with a prescription from our clinic.

● Procedure time

1) Total procedure time: 2 hours
2) How long you have to stay in Korea: 7 days
3) Going back to routine or work: right after a procedure
4) Follow-ups: after 7 days
5) Full recovery time: 3-4 months

● There is a chance to be changed during a direct consultation with our doctors.

Best regards,
Chris Lim

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