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Please share with me the effects of the glutathione injection.

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Hi me clinic,

I will be staying in Korea for 2 years.

And my main concern is the skin tone color. I do have yellow skin like Korean and i always expected to have the white skin.

I just find you in Google that you do have glutathione injection and glutathione cream which can make the skin white.

So, May I know the real effects after the session?

Do I have to proceed with the session regularly for effective results?

Are you sure that the session can make my skin white?

What kind of product are you use in the treatment? and how my ml in one session?

What is the interval of the treatment?

Thank you

I will wait for your answers!




Hello, Dear Sir. Jeverstacion, Jr

Thank you so much for contacting ME CLINIC SEOUL

The main effects of the glutathione injection are to make the brighten the skin or white skin to more whiter.

And it is an only available method for brightening the skin tone of the entire body is Glutathione injection.

Real white injection (Glutathione injection) is composed of mainly Glutathione and has an effect on melanin pigment suppression to make a brighter skin tone.

And It means that Glutathione treatment can not change the skin color yellow to white. And the main effect of the treatment is to brighten the skin color.

Whitening injection (Glutathione injection) is not a permanent procedure and requires several sessions like more than 7-15 sessions to show a brightening effect which requires lifetime maintenance to keep your brightening effect.

Also, an exact number of sessions required for each patient can't be countered due to various factors affecting skin melanin pigmentation like skin tone, nationality, lifestyle, etc. and also there is a possibility of having a no-result of glutathione injection due to a skin condition.

A side effect of Glutathione injection (Real white injection) - Taking glutathione long-term has been linked to lower zinc levels. Inhaled glutathione may also trigger asthma attacks in people who have asthma. Symptoms may include wheezing.

Of course, you need 7~15 sessions regularly to see effective results.

The interval of the treatment is 3 days.  And it seems like you can proceed with the session while you stay here in Korea.

Best regards
Eddie Lee

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