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Is your Ultherapy machine made from the USA?

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HI, ME clinic Seoul

Is your Ultherapy machine made from the USA?

why the cost is really cheaper than another clinic in Seoul?

Do you use the original tip? or do you recycle it?

May i ask who will be performing the sessions? Doctor, or Staff?

Is this really effective?

Please answer my questions clearly for me to decide to go there or not.

Thank you





Hello, Dear Ms. Dorothy Classara

First of all, Thank you so much for contacting ME CLINIC SEOUL.

Yes, Madam. We are using the ultherapy machine which is made by in the USA.

Our clinic is established to provide a reasonable price to all patient especially to the overseas foreigners.

Based on our research, Most of the overseas patient pay more what they expected on a direct consultation.

But our clinic, Our price is fixed and transparent on our website. You can see more details of the cost on this website:)

There will be no hidden or additional charges but our doctor might recommend you other sessions or procedure but you have rights to tell "no" to the doctors during the consultation.

We only use the genuine tip and never recycle it, Abd we are using disposal products only. and we will show the patient before the treatment.

Ultherapy is performed by Dr.Joen who is the representative of ME CLINIC SEOUL,
And Dr. Jeon is Knowhow over 10,000 cases of Calf Reduction & Liposuction Plasty and Operation of Petti plastic surgery over 7,000 cases in 2013 and 2014.
Of course, it is effective and after your Ultherapy® Treatment, you may see some initial effect, but the ultimate results will take place over 2-3 months, as your body naturally regenerates collagen. Since the procedure stimulates your own collagen production, how long the results last really depends on you. The treatment produces new collagen on the inside, but your natural aging process will dictate how long that translates into visible results on the outside

Hope that our answers are really clear to you

We will wait for your response,
Hope and wish to see you soon at our clinic.

Best regards

Dorothy, Classara commented commented

Dorothy, Classara date

Hello, Eddie
Thank you so much for your explanation
We will get back to you soon when we set up a schedule for flights.


Lily, Madison commented

Lily, Madison date

Wow, I got new info! and really interesting!

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