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September Promotion

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September Promotion

Skin care

1. Mild acne scars package 470,000 KRW (Regular price 590,000 KRW)
- The package included Gold toning + PRDN Injection + MTS + PRP
- MTS is micro needling to stimulate regeneration of new skin cells.
- PRP injection is stem cell mesotherapy derived from your own blood to boost up your skin regeneration process.
- PDRN skin redensifying treatments provide skin revitalization by promoting cell growth through fibroblast stimulation.

2. Twinkle Twinkle skin shine Botox 490,000 KRW (Regular price 580,000 KRW)
- The package included Water shine injection 2 cc +Dermatoxin 1 session

3. Glow skin package with less down time 510,000 KRW
- The package included premium aqua peel +PRP + MTS + Glutathione injection

Petit procedure

1. Filler & Botox package
- 10% off for botox session on top of the filler regions who will have filler session at the same time

2) Korean lip shape style package 540,000 KRW((Regular price 680,000 KRW)
-The package included threads lifting, filler, botox and additional 1cc of Korean lip filler

3. One day tightening package 1,800,000 KRW ((Regular price 2,000,000 KRW)
-The package included Ultherapy 400 shots, Ultracol 2cc (cheek region) + Jaw line dermatoxin

Laser hair removal

Women package 10% OFF!
- You can have 10% off by paying 5 sessions for Lower legs and knees

Male package
- Get free one session of brazilian and buttock regions by paying 5 sessions at once.
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