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I would like to have an online consultation about my double chin.

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I would like to have an online consultation about my double chin.

May i ask, What is the next step for an online consultation?

Do i have to send you the photos through here or email?

I heard that your clinic posted all the prices at your website, But is there any additional charges when i get to your clinic?( Tax, Medication and Blood test)

And how can i set up an appointment?




Hello, Dear Sir. Lily, Madison

First of all, Thank you so much for contacting ME CLINIC SEOUL,

And really great to hear that you would like to have an online consultation.

We would like to recommend you to share with us your photos through " Eddie@meclinic.net" to have a more private consultation.

Strictly, there will be no additional charges for Tax. But medication is not included.
And For Double chin, Is not needed for the blood test.:)

You can set up an appointment here or Through email.:)

We will wait for your response:)

Best regards
Eddie Lee

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Lily, Madison date

Hello, Eddie
Thank you for the information.
I will send you the photos and also the information for you to set up an appointement soon

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