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How much is Hiko nose threads lifting? Is there no hidden charge when i get to the clinic?

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I am Mary Jo, from Singapore.
How much is hiko nose lifting? and how long does it last after the session?
Do you have the package for pick up, hotel and also the hiko session? And if yes, How much?
I heard that many clinics in Korea charge more to the foreigner to the patient when they get to the clinic. Do you also do that?

We will wait for your response.
Thank you




Hello, Dear Ms. Mary Jo, Bawas

Thank you so much for contacting ME CLINIC SEOUL,

I am not aware of another clinic in Seoul, But our price is fixed and transparent on our website. And there will be no happens like add more cost to the oversea patient.

HIKO nose threads lifting cost for

1) Whole nose 650,000 KRW
2) Nose tip or bridge only 400,000 KRW
3) Whole nose HIKO with Restylane subq dermal filler 1,390,000 KRW

And you can pay with any type of international credit cards

Detailed information of HIKO nose thread lifting :

● Procedure notice

1) HIKO will last for a 3~4 month and HIKO with filler can last for 1 year
2) No additional TAX or Fees
3) Consultation is totally free of charge
4) Prescription Medicine is not included and patients need to buy medicine at Korean local pharmacy with a prescription from our clinic.
5) ** Non-surgical nose enhancing procedure can not reduce the size of the nose or nostrils. **

● Procedure time

1) Total procedure time: 1 hours
2) How long you have to stay in Korea: not required
3) Going back to routine or work: right after a procedure
4) Follow-ups: after 7 days or not required
5) Full recovery time: 1 month

We do have a package for pick up, the hotel at our clinic. But may i ask how long are you going to stay in KOREA?

Thank you
Best regards
Eddie Lee

Mary jo, Bawas commented commented

Mary jo, Bawas date

Hi, Eddie

Oh really? I am really excited to do the sessions at your clinic
I want to have a consultation. Do you have an online consultation?

Thank you

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